Service Times: 9am and 10:30am
971 N. 400 W., Columbia City, IN 46725

Welcome To New Hope!

Thanks for checking us out.  In our pursuit of becoming the church that God wants us to be we are constantly learning what is means to lead others to becoming a fully devoted followers of Jesus.

While that may be expressed in a many ways, some of what it means here at New Hope is to:

Reach... we aim to reach as many people as possible with the love of Christ

Grow... we desire to invest in your relationship with Christ.

Serve... we challenge every believer to invest in others

Go... we equip believers to share hope across the street and around the world.

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What a great time of year when we gather to celebrate the birth of Christ. Join us as we celebrate the One who gives meaning to the season. Click here for schedule.

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Understand the Bible better and learn how to apply it to your life! Journey through the major themes of the Bible with others in a safe environment where you can feel free to ask questions. more info

Bridge of Hope

The Bridge of Hope is the central hub of our local outreach. Located in town, it provides easy access for those in need to find their way to various resources but most importantly the love of Jesus.

Welcome to New Hope

We're so glad you're here! It's our desire that you not only feel welcome at New Hope, but you also find it a place where you can connect.
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  • Christmas


    What a great time of year when we gather to celebrate the birth of Christ. We encourage you to join us as we worship the One who gives meaning to the season.  


    During the Christmas season we often desire to be close to our friends and family.  Why not invite them to enjoy these special times of worship with you?


    9 &10:30 Service. Sunday, December 13


    9 & 10:30 Service. Sunday., December 20


    7:00 pm Thursday., December 24

    "Don't complicate what Jesus simplified"
    At a time when religious leaders and a religious system made it increasingly complicated to connect with God, a teacher appeared whose message was profoundly . . . simple. 
    When Jesus arrived on the stage of world history, he announced that God's intent was to connect with people, not confuse them. To those who were considered most distant from God, Jesus offered this simple invitation . . .
    "Follow me."
  • Vision: Leading other to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


    Strategy: Reach, Grow, Serve, Go

    Inspiration without strategy leads to frustration.  It's one thing to say "we're going to take that hill"; it's another thing to say how we are going to take the hill.


    Purpose: We are committed to loving God, loving people, equipping believers for ministry, and taking the Gospel to all nations.


     Traits of a fully devoted follower

    Loves Selflessly


    Learns Continually


    Worships Passionately


    Gives Sacrificially


    Serves Eagerly


    Lives Missionally


    Click here to read our series of Vision Letters.

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New Hope is located on the corner of US 30 and 400 west, just 4 miles west of Columbia City.

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